About The Project

Study Travel of the younger generation is no longer a bucket list wish, it’s an absolute high priority. It provides valuable life experiences, cultural awareness and is an education itself.

That is why we have and will never stop developing unique and much-needed online platform that is going to provide information, authentic reviews and testimonials from young learners on various Junior Courses and Programmes worldwide. Such include summer language courses and camps, Language Plus programmes or other types of Junior Courses.

We provide valuable and practical information covering the most important areas of such study trips and language camps ranging from student security, welfare issues to the schools’ social activities, accommodation or food issues and many more.

The students, parents and group leaders are able to provide detailed feedback of all those areas. And we will make sure your reviews get heard and read by the schools.

JuniorCourses.com will be an online community of young learners, students and their parents seeking valuable information to support their decisions on where to go or send the kids to study abroad. Junior courses will grow to be a curated network of thorough and expert knowledge of Junior market so you, the parents and the students can benefit the most.

Our unbelievably dedicated team has over 15 years of experience in the Study Travel industry and with our vast contacts amongst institutions within the industry including some of the most recognized schools and accreditation bodies and associations we are able to provide excellent consulting and advisory services to our students, their parents or our other clients. And we are extremely grateful for this opportunity and proud of it.